Saturday, July 15, 2006


Asp.NET : Debugger Fails to Hit the Breakpoint When You Debug an ASP.NET Web Application

Today morning I was trying to debugg an WebApp, this application was running without any problem in laptop. But when I copied this to my PC and tried to give a break point, I was not able to bebug application. After googling I found many solutions. They are

1) This is from Microsoft

To resolve this issue, you need to force a reload of the pertinent .dll file into aspnet_wp.exe (or w3wp.exe for applications run on IIS 6.0). To do this, recompile the project before you debug again. However, the project cannot be recompiled unless you make changes to the code. Therefore, restart Microsoft Visual Studio .NET, and then click Rebuild All. (Alternatively, you can run the iisreset command from the command prompt.) Now, when you run the debugger again, it hits the breakpoint.

2) Second one is from a forum(I don’t remember the link).

If your application is having same file names(in my case Default.aspx, one inside the root folder and other inside the admin folder), this will issue will occur. So rename any one of these file and rebuild.

Actually I tried the first solution but no hope.

The second solution worked for me. Sometimes the first solution works for you. Try both.

These are bugs in the VS.NET. So don’t think this as your fault.

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